Original Trails is an award-winning, boutique, ethical travel company who design and plan personal and unique vacations for you to some of the most interesting and vibrant places on earth and give back on each adventure. With attention to every detail, we customize your trip to suit your every need.

Our philosophy is what we call ethical travel. Every time you travel with us Original Trails makes a donation on your behalf to a local community project or initiative we support. We connect you with culture and community, while at the same time keeping you in comfort, private transport and providing you with the best local guides.

We use locally owned and operated boutique hotels, eco-lodges and unique hotels that operate in an eco-friendly and conscientious manner. We use local businesses that support sustainable tourism practices.

Simply put, it’s about making a difference in the places we travel to. Come with us to experience deluxe travel, the right way.

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This month we feature our Nepali guide extraordinaire - Ashok !

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Poon Hill Trek Part of the Annapurna Circuit, the Poon Hill Trek is a great trek for those that don't have the time to do a longer hike in Nepal, but still want a taste of the Himalayas and the incredible vistas. This trek is part of our Mountains and Mantras 13-day Adventure, but we have had so many inquiries for the trek solo, that we are now offering it as its own trip. Including return flights from Kathmandu to Pokhara, your own porter and English speaking guide and private transport to the start and end of the trek, this is a great add-on to any trip to Nepal. Check out a short clip of some of the views you will see here.

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REFERRAL PROGRAM In appreciation of your trust and loyalty, we're please to offer you savings through our referral program. Enjoy a $100 referral fee when someone you refer to Original Trails books one of our Suggested Tours or similar custom designed programs.
7 Quick Vietnam Travel Tips:
*Remove your shoes before entering a pagoda and don’t point your feet or show the soles of your feet towards a person and especially towards a Buddha image.
*Crossing busy moped-filled streets in Vietnam’s cities can seem daunting. The trick is to slowly walk across the road making eye contact with the drivers and keep going forward!
*Learn some Vietnamese and earn the praise of the locals. Essentials are “Xin Chau” (hello) and “Cam On” (Thank you).
*Avoid giving sweets and pens to local children; this can create a begging culture. Instead donate books and pens to a school.
*Motos (mopeds) are a great way to get around in Vietnam. They are quick in traffic and breezy! Negotiate the price with the driver before you leave for your destination.
*Take a hotel card with you before exploring for the day. It makes getting lost a lot more enjoyable when you can find you way back to your hotel!
*Try Pho, a traditional noodle soup with either beef or chicken and vegetables. It’s cheap, delicious and found almost everywhere in Vietnam!
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