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Matt & Caro

Exprience: Thailand

On the other side of the camera lens are our two resident videographers, Matt and Caro! Caro focuses on videography and producing while Matt is happiest scriptwriting and hosting. Now back in their home base of Ottawa, Canada, Caro has continued to further her career in television. A true “Jack of all Trades”, she’s worked as a host, director, videographer and segment producer for numerous (Gemini award winning) television shows broadcast on; TFO, Radio Canada (the french CBC). Matt has since focused on growing their, once, fledgling travel blog to becoming one of the Top 100 Canadian Travel Blogs as voted by Flight Network. They are also frequent collaborators with Flight Centre Canada. On this unique trip they will show you how to create beautifully shot videos and vivid narratives to bring others along on the adventure.


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Matt & Caro
Name: Matt & Caro
Experience: Thailand
Name: Heather
Experience: Peru, UK, Iceland, Antarctica
Name: Ashok
Experience: Nepal and Tibet
Name: Julius
Experience: Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Name: Nick
Experience: Galapagos, Ecuador, Peru
Name: Aaron
Experience: Cambodia, Peru, Ethiopia, Nepal, Vietnam, Ecuador, Tanzania, Bolivia
Name: Aparna
Experience: Nepal, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Peru, Bolivia, Tanzania
Name: Sophea
Experience: Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos