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    Train Chaos- Mumbai Aparna and I have just arrived in Nepal after four hot, sweaty and dusty days in Mumbai. Being my first time in India, and only having four days, it seemed only fitting to experience Mumbai (a bustling metropolis of 13 million), by riding the local trains. Any transit that you have to “prepare” yourself for boarding is going to be an experience- you literally have to push yourself onto the carriage at the same time others are exiting onto the platform. All this is done within a time frame of about 10 seconds before the train ambles off to its next stop. The prime position in the carriage is apparently hanging out the door to take advantage of the natural air conditioning. With one hand securing themselves to the train while their bodies hang precariously outside, it’s a position that most Mumbiakars seem quite comfortable with. After 45 minutes, you arrive at the CST, Mumbai’s answer to Grand Central Station, a heaving mass of commuters and cargo. All this fun and more, for only 7cents- now that’s value for money!

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