• The Mighty Mountains

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    Flying into Kathmandu is like nothing I have ever seen before. The mighty Himalayas soar as high as our plane. Majestic and beautiful, I feel excited, but also realize, all of a sudden what an incredible challenge lays ahead. We were greeted by Rikku – typically Nepali, smiling with a gentle demeanour, I instantly know I am going to fall in love with this country and its people. In contrast to the calming nature of the people, Kathmandu is a crazy, chaotic city that almost makes Mumbai seem like a tranquil retreat. We weave through the streets dodging people, rickshaws, cars and motorcycles, horns blaring in every direction. We are staying in Thamel – the main tourist area – , but thankfully our hotel is on a quiet street and one turn around the corner and calmness is restored. In a few days Nepal’s biggest festival starts, Dasain. It celebrates the victory of the goddess Durga over evil forces. In her honour the Nepalese sacrifice animals throughout the country and that is exactly what Aaron and I woke up to the next morning. Standing on our balcony we watched 5 men behead a live goat, wash and roast it then gut and chop the body up. You’d think that would turn anyone into a vegetarian, but being true carnivores we suddenly had a strange craving for a goat curry! When in Rome, I say….

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