Our Style

Our style is quite simply to help you create most authentic and unique vacation to some of the most exciting and culturally enriching parts of the world. By authentic we mean getting you in touch with the local people, experiencing local culinary delights and making a positive impact on the people’s lives in the process. This we like to call “Pure Travel”.

“Pure Travel” is a concept born from our experiences and our desire to redefine how travel should be.

Just go for it! We work with you to customize a vacation that is unique to you your interests, needs and abilities. Wanted to try something new and step outside your comfort zone? We have great travel ideas to suggest from our personal experiences. This may be taking a cooking class in a Nepali village, diving off the coast of Zanzibar or climbing to the sun gate to experience Macchu Picchu at dawn.
Responsible tourism is what we are all about and all our sample tours make a positive impact in many different ways. From taking you to a local school and donating much needed supplies, supporting a cultural trek initiative in Ethiopia or staying in hotels and eco-lodges that protect the environment and contributive to the local economy, we want to show you how your dream vacation can make a difference to lives of the local people
We believe that to truly have an authentic experience in a country, you have to meet the people! We create cultural tours that put you in touch with the people that make up these incredible places. This enables you to see real lives and experience the realities of another’s world. Step into someone else’s shoes and see things through different eyes. That’s where the magic lies!

What to Expect

Whether travelling in comfort in Tanzania, walking in the majestic Simian Mountains in Ethiopia or relaxing on a Junk in Halong Bay in Vietnam, we create your special journey with a perfect combination of cultural exposure, activities and comfort.

Where possible we stay in comfortable and unique, locally-owned hotels and guesthouses – based on twin-share rooms. We take pride in our accommodations. Hand picked for their quality to ensure that you can rest and relax, unwind and revive after an adventurous day of travelling. Having a great place to come back to at the end of the day makes a journey more enjoyable. If you choose to go off the beaten track, you’ll stay in simpler alternatives, like a convent in the middle of the Tanzanian mountains or local guest-houses in Northern Vietnam. These rustic accommodations reflect the nature of the remote and unique places that take you away from the crowds.