Infinity Boot Camp

Infinity Boot Camp is a comprehensive 8-week workout system. The Infinity Boot Camp workout program is unique because the training formats changes every two weeks. This provides participants the proper progression, challenge and variety they are looking for. All Infinity Boot Camp instructors are leaders in small group training. They are educated and certified fitness professionals who take pride in providing exceptional workout experiences to Infinity Boot Camp Members.

Infinity Boot Camp is focused on creating healthy individuals and communities. Infinity Boot Camp and its members participate in various community initiatives throughout the year. Some of these initiatives include raising funds/contributing revenue to support a local family during the holiday season, collecting canned goods for a food drive and participating in local events such as the Climb for Cancer. Infinity Boot Camp partners with facilities to offer members the ultimate workouts experience. These partners include the following. Privately owner fitness centres Municipal Fitness/Community Centres Employee Wellness Fitness Centres

Original Trails has partnered with Infinity Boot Camp and developed Adventure-Fitness Fusion Inca Trail. This unique program offers members an extraordinary workout experience to help prepare them for a once in a life time travel experience. Infinity Boot Camp’s 8-week training program helps participants prepare for their trip to Peru where they will have the opportunity to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Partner Contact

Andy Hvizd
President/Founder Infinity Boot Camp