Passport and a Toothbrush

Passport and a Toothbrush is a travel blog run out of Ottawa, Canada, founded in 2011 by Caroline Leal and Matt Purchase. Originally created to document the planning of their round the world trip, it soon evolved to become a showcase of their travel experiences, beautiful photography and vivid, entertaining videos.

Caro and Matt now travel the world, striving to experience new cultures, have new adventures, and find more stories to tell through their camera lens. They also look to inspire, and teach others that travel is attainable if you make it a priority and plan appropriately.

Passport and a Toothbrush is proud to partner with Original Trails to create an exhilarating 8-day videography expedition in the jungles of Southern Thailand, Thailand Focus. Whether you’re looking to create better home movies, or have a serious interest in film-making they’ll teach you the skills to create high quality footage in this balmy, Thai paradise.

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Caroline Leal and Matthew Purchase