Republic Of Freedom

Republic of Freedom is the brainchild of Heather Thorkelson, who is a location independent small business strategist and international sherpa who teaches people how to build livelihoods that support their dreams. Heather walks the talk, having been to all seven continents, over 40 countries, and lived in 6 different countries outside of her home nation of Canada.

She currently lives in Peru running her business two blocks from the ocean when she’s not off adventuring in the farthest regions of the globe.

In June 2014, Heather led a group of 8 people on a unique 7 day trip to Peru organized by Original Trails. This program was designed to inspire, motivate and connect travellers with local community and culture through the act of giving back. And, of course, they got to see incredible Machu Picchu!.. Stay tuned for the 2015 program!

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